Playdates are fun; but, they are exhausting.  And, in the end your house is trashed.  Before you try to tackle the disaster that is your home — treat yourself to a momtini.  After a nice momtini, cleaning up after the kid cyclone that hit your house won’t seem quite as bad.

This is more of a concept then a set recipe.  Take about half of whatever juice box you have left (partially consumed juice box works), add a shot (or two) of whatever alcohol you like (I’m a gin girl but vodka works as well), and put it in a cocktail shaker with ice.  A momtini is shaken — never stirred.

Pour into glass of choice; and, garnish with a lemon, lime, strawberry, grape, whatever you like.

I have to say that the reduced calorie juice box I used in this cocktail wasn’t the best.  I know that it satisfies the anti-childhood obesity goals set by Michelle Obama and fits into the category of juice we feel ok about giving to our children; but, this juice box wasn’t ideal for a cocktail.

So, I added a bit of agave to sweeten the cocktail.  I’m not sure what is more messed up — adding gin to a juice box or adding agave (a sweetener) to a low sugar juice box. I’m not going to worry about that now — I have a cocktail waiting for me.  For my readers that don’t have little kids — you should try this as well.  There is no shame in buying juice boxes for yourself.  It is one of those strange things that are true — most juice boxes make good cocktails.  This isn’t just a momtini — it’s a dadtini, a grandmatini, an auntietini, a grandpatini, a mom’s-friend-tini, etc.  Experiment and let me know which juice box and alcohol combinations work for you.  If you send me a photo I’ll post it on this blog.



1/2 of a juicebox

1 teaspoon of agave nectar (if using a low sugar juice box)

1-2 shots of gin, vodka, whatever

a slice of lime or lemon as a garnish (optional)

Put juice, agave, a handful of ice, and alcohol of your choice in a cocktail shaker.  Shake well and serve in a martini glass.  Garnish with fruit of choice.