Note:  The vegetables that I used from my CSA Box in this recipe are scallions (green onions) and baby artichokes.

I just got the Momofuku cookbook and it is my latest obsession.  I tried to make the ramen broth recipe and that was a horrible failure.  So, I decided to pick an easier recipe — ginger scallion noodles.  I paired down the recipe.  All the recipes in this cookbook seem to be designed for a restaurant of eaters.  This recipe made 3 cups of sauce and had to be eaten in a few days.  So, I paired down the recipe so you end up with about 1/2 cup of sauce.  This is enough for many meals because you only use a couple of tablespoons of sauce per serving.

For the ginger scallion sauce you need:  scallions, fresh ginger, vegetable oil, soy sauce, sherry vinegar and kosher salt.

Mix all the ingredient together and let it sit.  The sauce will keep in the refrigerator or a few days.

Then, quickly boil some fresh Asian noodles.  I really like this type of yakisoba noodles and  they take only 2 minutes to cook.

I roasted some baby artichokes from my CSA box. You don’t have to do this. This step took a little bit longer (about 30 minutes). So, if you are pressed for time you could substitute another veggie (maybe a leftover roasted vegetable) or thinly sliced carrot or cucumber.

To finish, coat the noodles with the ginger scallion sauce, add tofu cubes (or other meat of choice), veggies, and top with some hoisin sauce and chopped scallions. This is an easy recipe that you can adjust based on what protein or veggies you have on hand. It would be a great way to use leftover meat or veggies.

Ginger Scallion Noodles 

from Momofuku


1/2 cup thinly sliced scallions

3 tablespoons of finely minced fresh ginger (a microplane grater or cheese grater works well to mince)

5 tablespoons of a neutral oil (like canola or vegetable oil)

1 teaspoon light soy sauce

a dash of sherry vinegar

a pinch of kosher salt or more to taste

hoisin sauce

Cooked egg noodles

Toppings:  thinly sliced vegetables, tofu cubes, chopped scallions

Mix the first 6 ingredients in a bowl.  Add 2 tablespoons of the sauce to a plate of cooked noodles.  Add vegetables and protein of choice.  Swirl hoisin sauce on top.  Then, top with chopped scallions.

Note:  To roast baby artichokes get rid of tough outer leaves and snip off tough ends.  Cut the artichokes in half lengthwise.  Put on a baking sheet and sprinkle with olive oil and salt.  Roast at 400 degrees for about 20-30 minutes.