I grew up in the Detroit metropolitan area and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area with my then boyfriend/now husband in 1999.  My interest in cooking started in college when I joined a co-op and had to make dinner for 40 people once a week.  I found that I really enjoyed cooking and I learned that it wasn’t that hard to make great food at home.  When we moved to the Bay Area, we lived in Berkeley and then San Francisco.  I discovered new foods from all over the world; and, I had access to fresh local produce year round.

About six years ago, we moved south of San Francisco to a mountain in the redwoods and had two children.  I loved Berkeley and San Francisco; but, I can’t say I miss living in a city.  This is my backyard:

The slower pace of life in the redwoods (and lack of take out) has allowed me to explore my passion for cooking.  A couple years ago, I joined a CSA and have had the benefit of weekly boxes of fresh local vegetables for most of the year.  I loved my CSA vegetables so much that I started a blog to encourage my friends to join up (that blog is http://csagirlcal.blogspot.com).  In this blog, I will show you the dishes I am making at home.  I also may slip in some kid friendly activities and some posts about parenting my two young children.

I hope you enjoy this blog.  Please feel free to comment!  I love to hear from my readers!